Warranty and replacement

Warranty and replacement

The company undertakes to replace the product purchased by the user free of charge and immediately if:

- The product purchased by the user in our online store does not match its description, color or other characteristics.

- If it has manufacturing defect.

In order to change the purchased product, user must contact the company via e-mail (info@keylocker.ge), send a message about what kind of problem the purchased item has, and also send the buyer's name, surname, personal number, date of purchase (to identify the order). Photos showing the product defect should also be sent.

Product cannot be returned/exchanged if the user has not read the product instructions and operated the product incorrectly. For example, the code change procedure has been violated and customer is no longer able to physically open the product, or the product has simply been physically damaged.

The company undertakes to reimburse the product or replace it with a new one within 10 working days in case of a factory defect.
A manufacturing defect in the product must be discovered within 30 calendar days of purchase, otherwise it will not be compensated.